Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship to Hawaii and Alaska?
Yes, we ship wedding dresses to Hawaii and Alaska using USPS. Due to an increase in shipping costs, shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, and other US territories may require an additional shipping charge. Just email us your address and we can confirm before you order!

Are your materials acid free?
Of course! All materials we use are preservation-quality.

Are there additional charges for heavily soiled gowns?
Nope, we charge a flat rate for servicing dresses. Minor repairs are included in our wedding dress preservation, too.

Are there additional charges for beading or embellishments?
This is a flat rate, too! Removing delicate embellishments (including accessories like beaded belts) and reinstalling them post-cleaning is also included.

Are the dresses insured during transit?
Absolutely. We know how important your dress is to you, so preserved wedding dresses are insured both during transit and during service.

I lost the paperwork for my order. Can I get it replaced?
Sure, we’re happy to email or mail you your paperwork and shipping labels. Just email or call us.

I don’t see a package for Clean and Press. How do I find that?
Our Clean-Only service includes pressing. However, it’s likely that your wedding dress will need some additional light pressing and steaming when removed from the preservation package after shipping.

How long does the service typically take?
Service time for Cleaning and Preservation is approximately four to six weeks. Clean-Only takes about two weeks and is often available even faster by request.

I have different addresses for my mailer kit and return package. What do I do?
No worries! We can send the mailer kit to one address and the preserved wedding dress to another. You’ll receive a Gown Detail Form in your kit where you can let us know about your request!

Can I send the garment bag my dress came in?
No need! You can keep your garment bag at home.

What if I have more than two accessories?
Not a problem! We can accommodate more than two accessories and package them in a separate, smaller preservation box for an additional $150.00.

How are accessories displayed in the box?

We do our best to display all accessories, but it isn't always possible.  Veils are draped along the tops and sides of the box so they are visible through the display window.  Shoes are wrapped in tissue and placed underneath the gown to prevent any possible dye transfer and/or snagging on the fabric of the gown, and will not be visible through the display window.  If you have questions about accessories, please text or email us with photos of your items. 

Will I get tracking emails for the shipments?
Each time there’s a shipment, you’ll get a tracking email. We won’t send the finished dress back until you’re notified by email so we can make sure you’re available as a signature is required.

What happens if my gown is returned?

If FedEx is unable to deliver your gown to you or if it is not picked up from a FedEx location before the hold time expires, your gown will be returned to us.  We will happily ship your gown again, but this does incur an additional shipping cost.  

What are the box measurements?
The wedding dress box comes in two sizes, 30x20x8 and 30x20x10. We can accommodate almost all dresses in these sizes. Just send us a picture if you aren’t sure if yours will fit!

Jumbo Preservation Box

For gowns that will not fit into our standard preservation boxes, we can order a Jumbo Preservation box.  It looks slightly different than our standard box, and will require an additional charge of $95.  If you think your gown may require a Jumbo box, please send photos prior to placing an order.  You can email us at or text 800.232.0792.

Do you offer dress repairs?

We offer repairs for gowns. Minor repairs are included in the service, such as sewing on buttons, tacking loose items, fixing beads. We also will make repairs prior to cleaning, if we feel that something needs to be done prior to cleaning.

We remove embellishments that we feel may damage the gown or be damaged in cleaning. The items are photographed, measured and inventoried. Then, when cleaning is complete, we reinstall the items on the gown. This ensures that any embellishment will not be damaged in cleaning.

If you know your gown is in need of repair(s), please mark the area of damage with a safety pin and note.  Also, include a description of the needed repair(s) on your Gown Detail Form.  This helps us to make sure your gown gets the attention it deserves. 

Do you offer a warranty?
Yes, we offer a Lifetime Warranty that guarantees your gown will not yellow over time once we have cleaned and preserved your gown. We note all stains that do not come out on the back of the warranty card, along with an itemized list of the gown box contents. Each gown box has a viewing window so you can see your gown. If your gown yellows over time our Lifetime Warranty guarantees we will re- clean and preserve your gown at no charge.

If I open the box, does it void the warranty?
Opening the inner sealed box does void the warranty. The sealed box keeps the preservation intact, and it guarantees your dress protection from the elements. There is a viewing window in the display box, so you can see your dress.

Do you guarantee stain removal?

This is a very common question that we receive. Can we can guarantee stain removal? We do not feel that is professional or right to make a guarantee for stain removal. We are very highly trained and have every tool available for safe stain removal, but some stains will not come out. Anyone who makes a promise that they can remove every stain is not being honest. We have been doing this for more than 40 years and we try everything we can to safely clean gowns, but we will not take risk. We will make a promise to try everything we can to remove stains safely from the gown.

Will mud come out of the hem of my wedding gown?
We can get most of it out. We answered some of this in the above question. Mud soaked hems will be scrubbed and soaked multiple times to attempt stain removal. Remember we can provide free evaluations of your gown. Send us photos via text message at 800.232.0792 or email them to

Will I receive after cleaning photos of my gown?

After photos are taken by request only.  We will happily send photos before preserving, but they must be requested.  After photos are not taken automatically. 

Can my “something borrowed” or “something blue” be packaged?

Yes! Please remove anything that’s pinned inside the dress and send it along with instructions. We’ll be sure to add it to your package.

Below are samples of gowns in a preservation box:

Sample of gown in preservation box | Happily Ever After Gown Preservation  Example of gown in preservation box |

Still have questions?
We’ve got you! Just send us a text with your question or even a photo of your dress for a free evaluation at (800) 232-0792. You can also email us at or use our LiveChat feature to talk to one of us in real time.