Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Will I be charged an additional shipping fee?
All shipping in the continental U.S. is included in the package price.

My gown is covered in sequins and beads. Will there an additional charge to clean it?
No, we charge a flat rate for all gowns, regardless of size, fabric, beading etc.

Will I be able to see my gown once it is preserved?
Yes, you will be able to see your gown in the window box. You will need
to open the outer box to do so.

What will the final box will look like? 

The gown box measures 30"x20"x10".

My gown is at my parent’s house so it will be shipped from there to
for the service, however once it has been preserved I would like it to be shipped back to my home. Is this possible?
Absolutely. When placing your order, put your parents address in the shipping address section so that he mailer kit will be sent there. Your mailer kit will include a copy of your order, be sure to write your home address where you would like to preserved gown to be sent on your paperwork and include this with your gown. We will update our records accordingly once we have received your gown and paperwork. 

I just placed my order online, what are the next steps?
Once your order is placed online, we will send you a mailer kit (this includes a garment bag and box to pack your gown, a pre-paid FedEx shipping label and your order paperwork to send your gown to us. All shipping fees are included.

My gown is really dirty, there are several areas that are stained. Is there an additional cost for this?
There is no additional cost for a stained gown, we charge a flat rate.

What guarantees to offer in terms of any damages that can be done in the cleaning process?
Your gown will be safe at our facility, we take measures to ensure that your gown will not be put at risk. We will clean your gown according to the manufacturer's care label. We are insured for our inventory of gowns should anything happen to your gown while in our possession.

How will the preserved gown be returned to me? I am worried about it being left at my door.
Your gown will be shipped back via FedEx and will require a signature. FedEx will attempt to deliver your gown three times, if no one is home on the third attempt it will be returned to the FedEx facility near you where you can pick up the gown. If it is returned to our company, there may be an additional fee to re-ship it to you.

In the tracking email that comes from FedEx, there are custom options for delivery that you are able to select from the tracking email. Some of the options FedEx offers come with additional fees, these are not included in the original service package. These additional shipping options FedEx considers Custom Delivery Options and can include scheduled delivery times and changing addresses after shipment has been sent.

We can customize delivery options before sending your gown back. There may be additional fees for this service. Our packages include shipping by FedEx Home Delivery with a signature required. Adding additional FedEx services is possible, but there may be a charge for this. For example, FedEx offers evening only delivery, and they charge more for this service.

You can request different return shipping addresses. You will receive emails throughout the process that will allow you to communicate directly with your gown specialist. 

Some customers find, if they are able, having the finished gown sent to their work address is more convenient for having someone to sign for the package.

We do our best to accommodate shipping request, we want your gown returned safely to you. Please check that your address is entered correctly and includes information such as apartment number or unit number and not just a number, also your address needs to include Street or Lane, etc., There may be a West Ave and a West Ln in the city for example. We verify all addresses against the USPS address data base. This is the database that FedEx uses for delivery addresses.

You will receive an email notifying you that your gown is complete and ready for shipment. We will not send the gown without first sending this email. This gives you a chance to tell us that you maybe on vacation or moving. Let us know, and we will accommodate your request. We also can hold the shipment until a date you specify as well.

Do you offer a warranty?  If the gown is found to be damaged after a certain number of years, does the company have a reimbursement option?
Yes we offer a Lifetime Warranty that guarantees your gown will not yellow over time once we have cleaned and preserved your gown. We note all stains that do not come out on the back of the warranty card, along with an itemized list of the gown box contents. Each gown box has a viewing window so you can see your gown. If your gown yellows over time our Lifetime Warranty guarantees, we will re- clean and preserve your gown at no charge.

I am leaving for my honeymoon and don't want my gown to be returned while I am away, is it possible to hold my gown until I am back?
Certainly, we just ask that you indicate the date you will be returning on your order paperwork.

Should I send my gown in the garment bag that I received from the bridal salon where I purchased the dress?
No, it is not necessary to use your own garment bag. We provide a clear plastic garment bag with your mailer kit. At this time we are unable to return garment bags with preserved gowns.

Decided you want to add more accessories to the package?
If you have decided to add more accessories to your shipment than what is on the original order, it is ok, we can invoice the additional accessories when we receive your package.

Should I remove the bustles prior to shipment?
Yes, we do appreciate that the bustles are untied, etc., when we receive the gown, however, we will un-bustle the gowns prior to cleaning.

Still have questions? Send us an email at